Board of Selectmen 1-10-2023


Budget Review Session 00:02:15

Announcements 01:07:22

Public Comment 01:08:16

Recognition of Retiree: Brian Niezgoda (Police) 01:31:00

Hearing: 2023 Golf Fees (1st Hearing) 01:33:05

Fire Chief Interview Update 01:59:01

Vehicle Policy Update (2nd Reading) 02:06:40

Review Draft Letter to DEP Regarding Proposed DEP Title 5 and Watershed Permit Regulations 02:31:28

Board and Committee Actions 02:43:21

1. Committee Appointments: a. Library Planning Committee – Regina Hopkins 2. Upcoming Agenda Review 3. Individual Items

Town Administrator Items 03:11:50

1. Consent Agenda a. DY Brawlers Canning Request b. Resolution of Local Governing Body Authorizing Submission and Execution of the Yarmouth CDBG Annual Action Plan c. Fire Department Donations 2. Town Administrator Updates

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