Board of Selectmen 5-2-2023


Announcements 00:03:40

Public Comments 00:07:02

Vote: Delegating Chief of Police Authority to Detail Sufficient Police Officers for the Annual Town Election 00:15:10

Hearing: New Alcohol Application - Free Bird Motor Lodge 00:17:30

Hearing: Weekday and Sunday Entertainment License - Thacher Hall 00:33:00

Hearing: Special Alcohol/Entertainment License - Cape Cod Pirates Festival 00:41:47

Hearing: Sea Dog Brew Pub 00:51:00

Assembly of Delegates Update 01:12:14

Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority 01:34:48

Regional Veterans Services 01:53:24

County Commissioners Update 02:20:46

Cape Cod Commission Update 02:47:57

Appointment Confirmation of Anthony Bennett as Director of Recreation 03:06:20

Board and Committee Actions 03:17:50

Town Administrator Items 03:43:00

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