Board of Selectmen 5-23-2023


Swearing in Ceremony of Newly Elected Officials 00:02:00

Announcements/Public Comments 00:05:24

Board of Selectmen Reorganization 00:14:25

Recognition of Retirees 00:32:47

Recognition of Retirement 00:43:30

Appreciation: St. Patrick's Parade Committee 00:49:07

Hearing - Special Entertainment License 01:28:52

Hearing - New Annual Wine and Malt with Cordials/Liquers Package Store MCC Bellagio Inc 01:33:15

Hearing: Change of Manager - Sons of Erin 01:54:12

Library Planning Committee Presentation 02:02:07

Discussion/Vote: Barnstable County Retiree Cola Adjustment 02:53:53

Discussion/Possible Vote: District Improvement Financing (DIF) Committee 03:05:05

Board and Committee Actions 03:17:15

Town Administrator Items 03:59:20

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